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March 3, 2011 / admin

Which Mac Virus Scanner Would You Consider?

Mac system is less prone to viruses and other threats. This is quite secured compared to Windows however this does not mean that it is 100% free from viruses and other threats. It is important to use Mac virus scanner to ensure that you system is protected and secured. You can choose among the available antivirus application for Mac that is accessible today.

Here are antivirus and virus scanner applications that you might want to consider for your Mac system. Try reading some information about it to help you decide which is best for your computers in providing virus protection.

1.      Sophos Antivirus: This is capable of detecting virus both for Windows and Mac platform. This is also a free virus scanner for Mac.

2.      iAntivirus from PC Tools: This is a free antivirus software both for home and office Mac users.  This application protects only Ma from malware, spyware, viruses and other threats. Read first other informational resources regarding its pros and cons before considering this antivirus software for your Mac environment.

3.       VirusBarrier from Intego: This is concern with Mac security issues and offers virus protection as well.

4.      BitDefender Antivirus: This is a well known antivirus for Mac system that is effective in removing and preventing viral and malware attacks. This also does not allow malware from Windows to infect your Mac system. This is priced at $39.95 for one year subscription of license. One thing about good with this application id that it offers free technical support. This also offers real time protection against viruses has schedule, quick and full system scan options and even has quarantine capabilities.

5.      McAffe VirusScan: This does not only protect the system against viruses but also keyloggers and other backdoor activities that can compromise the network settings of your activity.

6.      ClamXav: This is one of the free antivirus applications for your Mac system. It supports the Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.4 versions. The software also supports multiple languages such as Danish, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese and a lot more and offers protection against viruses. This offers real time scanning processes that can scan emails and other important files in the Mac system.

7.      MacScan from SecureMac: This protects the system against spyware and other threats that usually affect the Mac system. Although the application has its own pitfalls but the protection that it can offer in the system cannot be undermined.

8.      MacKeeper: This serves as a 911 for Mac system that resolves every computer issues. This is known as all around cleaning utility for Mac that does not only protect the system viruses but also perform file recovery processes and data backup.

9.      Norton Antivirus:  This is also well known antivirus software that offers protection both in Windows and Mac platform. This supports the Mac OS X 10.4 and other higher version of the Mac operating system. This also offers a complete set of virus protection for your Mac computers.

Here are just some of Mac virus scanner for your Mac system that you might want to consider in order to be protected from virus, malware and other threats.


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