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February 25, 2011 / admin

Virus Scan for Mac: Is this Needed?

In the past, Mac users are not worried in their system from malware and virus threats. However when the Mac Trojan horse attack the Mac system this has a lot of potential damage to Mac system itself. This triggers the users to look for virus scan for Mac system before this destructive attack could ever happen again.

No system is perfect enough that is immune to malware and virus threats. Even Mac system is no exception to the rule. Apple Company even announces to employ antivirus application in Mac systems to protect and secure it in a way. They even accept the fact that Mac systems are prone to security flaws that is why the Apply itself releases their security updates more often to resolve this issue.

Why Mac system is less prone to virus?

More virus writers and hackers are into attacking Windows based platform because this is quite popular. Another thing virus spread faster to Windows platforms because most people are using it all around the world. There is more money to Windows and virus writers are aiming for it. When Apple Company started producing their Intel-based computers in the market this divert the attention of hackers to explore and write new virus code for Mac platforms as well.

Apple on the other hand continues to make revisions on their operating system. They started using 68K processors the change it to Power PC, then made another shift from Classic to OS X and their latest shift from PowerPC to Intel processors. When Mac viruses are out into attacking Mac systems already, the company continues to make changes with their operating system in order to prevent the virus outbreak. Mac system is also strict when it comes to installing applications because it requires administrator privilege first before allowing it to happen. The Mac platform also has an updated scheduling and patching on their operating system thus any problems can be detected easily

But then again no matter how secured the Mac system is compared to Windows platform, it is still recommended to use antivirus applications. This is needed because as the computer gets older it is prone to getting slow and more prone to virus as well. Most of these virus scan for Mac requires a yearly subscription fee to keep it active in the system. Once you download an application in the Internet consider it first before doing so. Some of the recommended antivirus for Mac computers is ClamXav, Norton Antivirus, VirusBarrier, MacKeeper and a whole lot more.

It is always your choice if you intend to run virus scan applications for Mac computer. Although Macs don’t get viruses more often because of their security measures and instant update Apple Company itself recommend to install it in your Mac system to be totally secured and protected against malware, spyware, virus and other threats. As Mac users learn to be updated with the latest antivirus software that can offer their operating system with the most secured and protected features.

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