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March 16, 2011 / admin

Protecting your Mac System

Consider Free Mac Virus Protection Applications

Mac system is known to be immune from virus and other threats but not for long particularly when Trojan horse attack the system and already cause potential damage in the system. Many users are already installing free Mac virus protection applications in their system to prevent this from happening. Here is some options tat you might want to install in your Mac.

1. Norton Antivirus: With Norton AntiVirus offers protection features like its Windows platform version however it lacks Web protection capabilities that users most really need all the time. This application was developed by Symantec and already known for their security packages with impressive features and new tools. Its latest offering has quicker specifications that can be purchase at $39.99 and allows users to try their 30 day trial version. Installing the software is quite fat and smooth. Once the application is installed in the system it can be operate readily.

The trial version of the said application also requires registration to run it. It also comes with newest Web interface that allows the users to manage some settings. The interface comes with dark theme with yellow text. It has large graphic security status that will indicate an alert if threat is detected in the system. The security controls is divided into two section the computer protection and network protection. On the right pane are series of controls. There aren’t many new features with the latest version of Norton AntiVirus but it has some changes on how it presents its features across its program making it easy to navigate and operate.

2. PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus: this is already a full package application both act as antivirus and antispyware that protect the system from spywarem adware, keyloggers, worms, virus, malware and other threats. This offers real time protection that easily blocks the malware once it was detected. This uses spider scanning technology that makes it easier to identify and remove the threats easily. It alerts the users for any phishing websites. Thus also performs frequent automatic updates and upgrades ensuring that system is always protected from any known and latest threats. It has new updated versions when it comes to its detection, scanning and protection capabilities.

The installation process of the application is quite simple and fast. The interface comes with functional buttons with utilitarian design. There are five buttons on the left pane such as the Status, Scan, IntelliGuard configuration, Ancillary Tools and other Settings. The Status pane is the large area in the screen and ha buttons both for Scan and IntelliGuard. The PC Tools itself offers 24 hours and 7 days telephone and chat support for their clients.

When it comes to protecting your Mac system, two of the biggest name when it comes to giving free Mac virus protection are the Norton AntiVirus and PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus. Both have its pitfalls and advantages but surely offer the needed protection to Mac system. Employing these tools in the Mac itself can keep it protected and secured.

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