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March 7, 2011 / admin

Mac Virus Software: Does the Mac System Need This?

When the Mac system is attacked by Trojan horse, it open other doors for more vulnerabilities like what is happening in the Windows platform. The Trojan horse attack was noted as one of the destructive attack in the Mac system. That is why; most users are looking for the right Mac virus software that could protect their system from another possible threat.

Some Mac users are not aware that their system can be prone to threats like the Windows system. Even Apple Company itself suggest that they need to run antivirus software in their Mac computers to keep it protected because no matter how secured is the architecture of the Mac system it has numerous flaws on its security thus in order to resolve this regular security update is needed to patch these problems. But then, Mac users are not worried about the malware that can attack their system unlike the Windows malware attack.

Windows users are more vulnerable to threats because virus writers are into attacking the system because that is where they can get most of the money. But when the Apple itself, started producing their Intel based computers the Mac’s popularity increase as well as the chances for new virus and malware attacks. The Apple continues make changes in their operating system in order to safeguard their Mac computers from viruses. They implement proper use of Administrator and password account to prevent the spread of the virus. Another thing that safeguards the Mac system is that it requires first password and user account before installing third party applications in the Mac system. And then another security measure of the Mac system is that is has automatic scheduling of patching and updating their operating system, in order to resolve any flaws that are detected by the system itself.

These possibilities often left the Mac users to wonder if there is a need to run Mac virus applications. The Apple itself recommends that antivirus software is needed in the system but most Mac users are not aware of it. Some of antivirus software requires a yearly fee subscription to keep it active but then users can try on free and open source applications too. Some of the available antivirus application for Mac is the ClamXav. This is one of the free applications that will scan the Mac system for any virus and other threats. This has an on-demand virus scanner and can be updated any time for new threats. Other antivirus software is the VirusBarrier that do not affect the performance of the system when it is running in the background scanning for viruses. Included in the list of antivirus application for Mac are Norton Antivirus, MacKeeper, McAffe Antivirus and a lot more.

As Mac users they have an option to use Mac virus software for their computers which is highly recommended. Although Mac system is designed to be secured it is not yet guarantee that it is not prone to viruses and having these antivirus applications is one way to resolve this problem.

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