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February 28, 2011 / admin

Mac Virus Protection: Something that You Might Just Need

Most users of Mac system often believe that the system is immune to viruses and other threats thus Mac virus protection applications are not needed anymore. However, as virus writers are paying their attention to Mac system, the system itself is vulnerable to threats. Mac platforms on the other side upgraded their system with antivirus utilities and as of today, antivirus applications works on Mac as well.

Why Macs Are Safe?

One of the advantages of using Mac system is that it is not prone to threat attacks because the main architecture and design of Mac OS X is quite secured. The system itself restricts global actions from third party software. It performs sandboxing that blocks any threat that can damage their system. But then this is not really a guarantee that the Mac system is really safe at all. Even as a Mac users, they can become a carrier of these threats and pass it to other computers users just by forwarding spam email that contain already malware.

Even the Apple Company itself claim that even their system is not really 100% immune from any threat. Mac users need to take precautions because their system can be struck by viruses. There are a lot of third party applications that offers protection for Mac platforms however before you employ that right one for your system you can do simple techniques to protect your system.

1.      Software Updates:  One way to keep your system protected is installing the Mac OS X Software Updates. It offers updated security update that can protect your system against any threat.

2.      Protect the Files: The Mac system is equipped with File Vault utility found under the System Preferences> Security options. It allows the users to encrypt all their important files.

3.      Use Internet Wisely: Avoid downloading from Internet resources that you are not familiar with. Check you email attachments and spam letter first before opening and forwarding it to others.

Anti-Virus Software for Mac Protection

As Apple itself claim that their Mac system is not absolutely protected from malware and other threats thus it is necessary to use third party applications in order for your system to be totally safe. Here are some options that Mac users can consider to protect their computers:

1.      Norton Antivirus: This protects both Mac and Windows platform computers. It is an antivirus, offers protection against internet worms, remove and detect viruses automatically, scan and clean all files from the Internet and protect other applications from threats.

2.      MacKeeper: An all around utility for Mac system that offers protection against malware threats. It is also capable of file recovery, uninstalling software and data backup.

3.      McAffe VirusScan: This protects the Mac system from any type of threats. It scans the files in order to determine if it is infected with any malware threats.

4.      ProtectMac: This is designed also to keep your Mac system protected from any threats. It offers real time file access scan and ensures that these are secured from any threats.

There are a lot more third party applications that offer Mac virus protection. It should be employ in Mac system to make it totally protected from any threats because even Mac systems no matter how secured the system design is still vulnerable to all these threats.

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