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March 9, 2011 / admin

Free Virus Scan For Mac: Is This Really Needed?

The debate about Mac system and viruses had been a long controversy. Most Mac users are wondering if their Mac OS X needs to have antivirus software to keep it protected. Most Mac users often believe that their system are safe compared to Windows and their system is not a concerned by most hackers. But then the Apple itself suggested that Mac users might as well employ at least free virus scan for Mac to keep it protected and secured at all times.

Even the Mac and Windows are continually on the debate about their system. On the side of the Windows platform, they would claimed that their systems often had problem with malware, virus and other threats because majority in the market they own the operating system while the Mac OS X are not attractive to virus writers making it less vulnerable to all these threats. Mac OS X is quite safe also because their operating system itself is based on Unix. These are quite safer to operate rather than the Windows OS.

But then third party companies such as antivirus companies believe that no system is totally safe from virus and malware attacks. Although some believe that they are making this point for profit gain and want to convince more customers that all systems are equally prone to malware and virus attacks so that they can make more sell regarding their software. But no matter what sides you are on, the fact remains that Mac OS X is less prone to threat attacks compared to Windows. However this does not guarantee all Mac users that their systems will not be affected by viruses. As long as the computer is connected to the Internet this makes any system whether it is Windows and Mac platform unsafe and vulnerable to malware and virus.

It is quite recommended that even Mac users should have antivirus protection in their system. They can have wide options to choose from the available antivirus tool and they can even try the free and open source applications. Some of the available antivirus application that works for Mac are the MacKeeper, Norton Antivirus, PC Tools iAntivirus, McAffe Antivirus, ClamXav, VirusBarrier and a whole lot more. Most of these applications are free and can be deploy in the system readily and will start protecting your system.

Mac system will still need to undergo more controversy in the long run when it comes to security issues. Pay attention to any latest update of these virus and malware and secure your system with security updates as well as other security and preventive measures. One way to this is by installing at least free virus scan for Mac applications that will keep your system secured and protected. This is quite available readily to all Mac users and they can select from different third party applications that has different features and capabilities in protecting the Mac system. Although Mac system is less prone to these malware and virus attacks no one is ensured enough that the system won’t get affected.

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