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March 11, 2011 / admin

Free Mac Virus Scan: You Might One to Consider This for Your Mac

With the reality that malware and virus are already attacking and threatening the Mac OS X which supposed to be known as free virus platform, many Mac users are already inquiring where they can get free Mac virus scan application for their Mac computers.

There is wide variety of options for Mac users regarding this antivirus software for Mac system. Each of these software providers is claiming software benefits and each of these has its own tactics. One of the well known free antivirus applications on the list is the PC Tools iAntivirus that claims that your Mac system will surely be protected against cyber threat attacks that will gain access to Mac system as well as other important files in the system.

Every time the computer is infected with worm, malware and virus it will likely to spread across the network and will infect other computers. This allows also the hackers to access other important files in the system and use it to send mass spam email in other computers. This common problem is easily resolve with the use of PC Tools iAntivirus that offers real time protection and scanning process done comprehensively that will surely ensure that Mac system remains free from viruses and safe.

The said application has a database that is been designed to detect and get rid of malware, virus and other threats that could affect the Mac system. This offers a high protection in the Mac system that only uses minimum system resources. However the said database of the application is not designed for Windows specific threats and only the Mac system is immune from it. The designer of this application is made for ease of use for the users because the interface is functional, simple to scan and manage easily all the infected threats.

The application offers a variety of scanning options. With its real time protection, any infection that has been detected is automatically place in quarantine. Another thing is that it performs scanning process quietly in the background and only uses minimal system resources. All infections that are detected are put into quarantine and this also allows the users to view the infected items and restore it to its original state.

The application also has its automatic smart updates. This guards the computers for any future threats and viruses and also improves the iAntivirus performance and user environment. These new improvements are also installed and downloaded automatically in the application with its Smart Update function. These new signature threats are usually updated within hours to safeguard the system from any latest outbreak of malware whether it is online threats. And the monitoring mode of the iAntivirus application is specifically designed to work silently in the background that detect and remove any of these threats without affecting the whole performance of the system.

When looking for free Mac virus scan application, the PC Tools iAntivirus application is one of the recommended tools in protecting and safeguarding your Mac system. It is pack with features that keeps Mac system virus free and safe.

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