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March 14, 2011 / admin

Free Antivirus for Mac

Applications that Are Needed to Secure your Mac System

Most Mac users think that Mac system is immune to viruses and other malware threats. However, is this really true? How then can the Mac system be protected from all these threat attacks? Before considering to install free antivirus for Mac computers look into these tips on how you can protect your system no matter how secured the Mac platform is and what are the best utilities that can protect the Mac system itself.

Mac systems are less vulnerable to threats unlike the Windows platform this is because the core architecture of Mac OS X itself is deigned to be secured. The system itself restricts global actions from third party applications. Once a file is downloaded in the computer the Mac itself will make a way that it won’t affect other important files in the system.

But then this is not yet a guarantee that the system is already safe and protected 100%. The Mac system itself can act as carrier of viruses when it shares resources to other computers across the network so that vulnerability is still there. Thus as a wise Mac users you should also take necessary precautions to at least protect your system from all these threats. Doing these simple tips below will protect your system before you install antivirus applications.

  1. Update Software: Install software updates in your Mac OS X particularly the Security Updates. Mac OS X can recognize these threats easily and address the problem immediately thus with security updates it can patch up the problems easily.
  2. Protect Important Files: You can do this by encrypting your important files so that others won’t have direct access to your files.
  3. Use Internet Resources Wisely: Never download any files from the internet that you are not familiar with. This goes as well to emails and attachments. Mac OS X will always inform the users about any bad files that can get into the system and users should be aware of it.

But doing these precautions is not enough to keep your system protected 100% that is why in order to protect the Mac OS X fro these potential threats it is important to use antivirus applications for Mac computers. Here are few options that you can consider to protect your Mac system.

1.      Norton Antivirus: This protects both the Windows and Mac platform. It serves as antivirus application, worm protection, detect and remove viruses automatically, scan and clean downloaded files, protect other applications against vulnerabilities and delivers protection silently in the background without degrading the performance of the system.

2.      McAffe VirusScan: It is one of the big names when it comes to giving protection for your Mac system. This uses the on-demand scanning drag and drop features. It can also protect the Mac system against any type of threats as well new emerging threats out in the market.

3.      iAntiVirus from Pc Tools: It detect and remove Mac specific threats. It offers real time protection against threat and also quarantines the threats that had been detected.

Free antivirus for Mac system is necessary to protect and secure the system from possible threats. These will double the protection for your system no matter how the Mac is designed for security because this is still vulnerable to threats and this antivirus application can help resolve these issues

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