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Is Using Mac Virus Scan Online Services Effective?

There are a lot of free Mac virus scan online services all over the world today. Most users would rather use it because it is updated always as signature databases of antivirus tools. It uses simple and friendly user interface as well. You don’t need to be technical expert in order to use this because a few clicks from the interface with already scan your system at no extra cost. However, online scanning tools also have its pros and cons.

Most antivirus companies are into trend of offering online scanning for their clients. This is usually part of their marketing strategy to attract more customers because most people today are using the online resources. Some offers free online antivirus then suggest paying for the installation fee later on to offer data security and protection as well. This is an effective marketing perhaps because users are buying it in the process.

Advantages of Mac Virus Scan Online

Anyone can get attracted with this campaign anyway when it comes to giving your PC security you will surely avail of this free online scanning services. Virus scan online services offer a lot of advantageous over desktop installations and this includes the following:

1.      This is free to use, no need for any demo versions, trial and registration keys.

2.      It cannot be corrupted unlike the desktop installed applications because some malware can damage the antivirus software in your computer systems making it useless.

3.      It offers wide variety of services from rootkits removal as well as other threats that may affect your applications.

4.      You don’t need for any installation process unlike the stand alone applications that sometimes won’t run because it is already infected by malware and other threats that already ruin the set up process of the antivirus software tool. Thus it is quite easy to initiate online virus scanner instead.

5.      If you don’t want to use the online services anymore, you don’t need to undergo removal process. The downloaded antivirus software is usually kept only as temporary files and can be removed easily out from the hard drive.

Disadvantages of Mac Virus Scan Online

However, online scan services also has some drawbacks including the following:

1.      Online scanners won’t run if there is no stable internet connection. If virus already infects the TCP/IP settings then you can’t use either the online services scanners.

2.      Online scanners will be useless if the browser restrict some privileges such as downloading signature applications.

3.      Smart virus can only be prevented when online scanning is also running.

4.      This somehow can’t prevent future infections in the system.

5.      Some online service scanners cannot remove the detected threats and will only report the infections that have been scanned.

6.      It is not sure that online scanners can really remove the virus and other threats completely after restarting the system.

Mac virus scan online services can be a trendy application today in scanning for threats in the Mac computers however, you need to consider using it because the application has its major drawbacks also and might not protect your whole system efficiently and completely.

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